Monday, April 22, 2013

NPR's Radiolab disappears me from story about my father per agreement they made with my brother to censor me

10/21/13 update via The Sidebar: Radiolab's junk reporting: my investigation requests to the National Science Foundation & WNYC -- and some surprising statistics about choking deaths

5/1/13 update: Today veteran reporter turned journalism professor Ben Kaufman racked up Radiolab's "Heimlich censorship deal" in his media criticism column published by the Cincinnati CityBeat newsweekly.


As I reported, last month the Cincinnati Business Courier disappeared a staff reporter's article, apparently because it included critical information about my father.

Now, courtesy of a popular National Public Radio program, it's my turn to go down the memory hole.

Via Radiolab's website:

Based at WNYC, New York City's "flagship public radio station," Radiolab is hosted by the show's creator, Jad Abumbrad, and veteran reporter Robert Krulwich.


On March 5, Radiolab aired The Man Behind the Maneuver, a 25-minute story about my father's career by staff producer Pat Walters.


The show included part of a two-hour recorded interview I gave to Walters on December 18, 2012.

About a week ago, this appeared on Radiolab's website:

From the show's updated podcast, here's the segment in which Walters explains the deal Radiolab cut with my brother to censor my voice from the story so they could gain access to my father: