Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Keto influencer James "Jimmy" Moore sentenced to 20 years for three-month sexual abuse of a thirteen year old girl

James William Moore (source)

Moore lived in Spartanburg, SC and was charged in Henrico County, VA.

Here's a statement I received this morning from attorney Cynthia R. Micklem who prosecuted Moore on behalf of the office of the Henrico County Commonwealth's Attorney.
James Moore was sentenced to an active sentence of 20 years for carnal knowledge on January 13, 2023. Evidence showed that from September through December of 2019, Moore started a sexual relationship with a thirteen year old. She was the daughter of people he had met in his role as a “social media influencer.” The sexual abuse began on a joint family vacation with Moore and his wife and the victim’s family. After that vacation, Moore would drive from his home in South Carolina to wait outside the home of the victim. On multiple occasions, he would encourage the victim to sneak out of the house after her parents were asleep. Moore would engage in sexual acts with the 13 year old in his vehicle and eventually began taking her to a hotel.

Law enforcement obtained records of Moore’s conversations with the juvenile victim. The records  onfirmed the sexual abuse describing vaginal intercourse and sodomy. Among the sexually explicit messages to the victim, the messages also showed Moore manipulating the victim. Moore would repeatedly tell the victim that he was the only person in her life that cared for her. He would criticize her parents and other relationships creating distance between the victim and her family.

During sentencing, the Henrico County Circuit Court described Moore as being two people: one who is the well-educated community member who everyone sees as a good guy and second as someone who would describe “f- the brains out” of a thirteen-fourteen year old child. Someone who when the victim states she is feeling suicidal tells her “to get over it.” 

The judge sentenced James Moore to an active sentence of 20 years.
In response to my request, Moore's attorney - Aubrey Russell Bowles, IV of Richmond - chose not to comment.