Saturday, July 13, 2013

Anti-Jewish slur by Boston-area "comedy" duo in follow-up to their viral YouTube video

Also see my July 16, 2013 follow-up, Huffington Post scrubs Boston-area "comedy" duo's YouTube containing anti-Jewish slur (UPDATE: MTV site deletes it, too)

Source: Boston Herald, 11/29/12

Via Trying to ride viral videos to wider fame -- Billerica video-making duo aims to take viral success to Hollywood by Glenn Yoder, a January 1, 2013 feature in the Boston Globe:
For a couple of comedians, Jimmy Craig and Justin Parker don’t joke around much. Not, that is, when discussing their craft.

...“This is what we want,” he continues. “This is what we want to do with our lives.”

They’re hoping they get that chance after the recent triumph of “Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend”...The clip, shot in their hometown of Billerica and posted in late November, went viral, collecting nearly 7 million YouTube plays in its first month and a segment on the “Today” show.
Clip from their most recent attempt at humor, published July 8, 2013 on YouTube

Move over Paula Deen -- Jimmy Craig and Justin Parker are in the house.

More from the Globe:
...Craig and Parker formed a two-man corporate video production company called Methodloft in January 2011, partnering with McDougall Interactive, a marketing agency that was seeking an in-house video team..."Immediately it was a match made in heaven (says company president John McDougall).
Via McDougall's website:

Screenshots from Methodloft's website, presumably some of their clients:

Finally, from Quick Tips for Making a Corporate Video by Jimmy Craig, October 22, 2012