Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SCOOP: Annabel Melongo found NOT GUILTY in Save-A-Life Foundation computer tampering case

From an e-mail I just received from Annabel Melongo's attorney, Jennifer Bonjean (slightly edited for clarity):
Today Cook County Judge Joseph Joyce entered a directed finding in favor of Annabel. After 8 years, the State's case came down to a single allegation that Annabel accessed Carol Spizzirri's email and forwarded an email to herself. And they couldn't even prove that. It Is a text book example of the State failing to exercise its discretion and adhere to its duty to seek truth. We are all indebted to Annabel Melongo for having the courage to hold the State to its burden. She took enormous risk and we are all better off for it. 
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What's next? 

As I reported last year, Ms. Melongo filed an ongoing civil rights suit in federal court. She's now being represented in that case by Ms. Bonjean.