Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cincinnati's Heimlich Heroes program falls for Onion-style "news story" that Bill Murray saved a choking victim in Phoenix using "the Heimlich" [UPDATE: How pathetic is this?]

Yesterday I blogged about the recklessness and incompetence of a Cincinnati first aid organization called Heimlich Heroes that's mistraining thousands of kids around the country.

Posted a couple days ago on the group's Facebook page:

Only one problem.

The story's a spoof that originated two years ago from an Onion-style "news" outlet:


2/10/15 UPDATE: How pathetic is this? 

Days after I blogged the above item, here's a screenshot of the same Facebook post, but with some added words:

Hey there, Heimlich Heroes! 

Even though you're an incompetent operation that's mistraining students around the country, I'm glad you're following my blog -- I can use all the readers I can get. 

But when you get snookered, why not just laugh it off instead of trying to lie your way out of it?