Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My inquiry letter today to the Barbados Minister of Health re: the "Heimlich maneuver for asthma" medical study conducted on dozens of children (3/24/13 update)

UPDATE: As a result of a recent general election, John Boyce MP replaced Donville Innis as Barbados Minister of Health.

Click here for my March 24, 2013 letter to Mr. Boyce requesting information about "the Heimlich maneuver for asthma" experiment reportedly conducted on dozens of children.


Per my December 20 item, according to the Sunday Sun (the leading daily newspaper in Barbados, West Indies), as a result of my recent media inquiries, the Ministry of Health was "carrying out an investigation" into a medical experiment conducted there about a decade ago.

According to the University of Cincinnati News Record, the unpublished study used 67 children, age six to 16, to test the effectiveness of the Heimlich maneuver to treat asthma attacks.

Records held by the University of Cincinnati's medical library show that the project was funded by the Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati and the Heimlich Institute, my father's nonprofit.

Unrelated to the Barbados study, as reported by numerous media outlets, the Heimlich Institute has a long history of conducting violative offshore medical experiments in China and Africa. For example, via the Cincinnati Enquirer:
(Dr. Heimlich's "malariotherapy") experiments - which seek to destroy HIV, the AIDS-causing virus, by inducing high malarial fevers- have been criticized by the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration and condemned by other health professionals and human rights advocates as a medical "atrocity.''

Barbados Chief Medical Officer Joy St. John MD and Minister of Health Donville Inniss (source)

Back to the Barbados asthma study, in response to my media inquiries -- I was trying to get information to report here -- I received a January 5 e-mail from Minister of Health Donville Inniss.

He suggested that I submit a formal inquiry, so today I did -- click here to download a copy:

Here's the accompanying 156-page file referenced in my letter -- click here to download a copy:

Click here (and bookmark) my web page tracking the developing "Heimlich maneuver for asthma" experiment conducted on children in Barbados.