Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heimlich article by Aussie chiropractor requires adjustment

I just stumbled onto To Heimlich or not to Heimlich - that is the question, a March 2010 article by John W. Reggars. Click the link and go to page 8 for an excellent two-page review of the Heimlich history published in what may seem like an unlikely source - an Australian trade magazine for chiropractors.

One minor fix. I'm slightly misquoted: 
Peter Heimlich has publicly campaigned against his father whom he has described as "history’s greatest medical charlatan and a fraud."
Actually per my website I've called my father one of history's great medical scammers. I'll leave it to historians and others to determine his standing in that illustrious pantheon.

Along those lines, check out Are Henry Heimlich and Edward Patrick Medical Heroes, or Fast Talking Medical Con Men? at, which includes a poll inviting readers to "Vote if these scientists should be held up as a medical hero, or ignored for their medical infamy?"

Drs. Edward A. Patrick & Henry J. Heimlich (1986)