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The Doctor is Out, Part III: Attorney calls out publisher of my father's autobiography for disappearing "Patrick-Heimlich maneuver" doc from the book

Part I, February 3, 2014: Prometheus Books is poised to (literally) disappear my father's closest career colleague -- the claimed co-developer of the Heimlich maneuver -- from his forthcoming autobiography
Part II, February 11, 2014: Former wife of "Patrick Maneuver" doc calls out my father for disappearing her ex from "Heimlich's Maneuvers," published today by Prometheus Books
The HARP group (circa 1975): Neil A. Armstrong, University of Cincinnati; Henry J. Heimlich, MD, Jewish Hospital, Cincinnati; Edward A. Patrick MD, PhD, Purdue University. Standing: George Rieveschl, Jr., PhD, ScD, University of Cincinnati (source)
N. Jeffrey Blankenship of Florence, KY, attorney and friend of the late Dr. Edward A. Patrick, has written a letter of concern to Jonathan Kurtz, president of Prometheus Books, the company that recently published my father's memoir, Heimlich's Maneuvers.

Here's the focus of Blankenship's letter, which is viewable below. (Click here to download a copy.)
I understand that, for some reason, you have chosen to publish memoirs by Dr. Henry Heimlich, which completely omits any reference to one of the critical partners of his development of research throughout his career, Dr. Edward Patrick, Ph.D.
...Dr. Ed Patrick, now says he helped invent the [Heimlich Maneuver], which he calls “Patrick-Heimlich Maneuver.”  Although Dr. Heimlich denied those claims, I remember meeting with Dr. Patrick myself and, although I am not an engineer, Dr. Patrick explained to me the engineering basis which he had provided to Dr. Heimlich for the maneuver.
...I am sure you can see that you should at least explore this information and allocate to Dr. Patrick some credit for his contribution to a number of Dr. Heimlich’s accomplishments. Dr. Patrick was an integral member of the Institute of Science of Medicine and Engineering (based at the University of Cincinnati), commonly known as the HARP group. HARP was an acronym for Heimlich, (Neil) Armstrong, (George) Reivershel [sic], and (Ed) Patrick, M.D., Ph.D.
As of recently, Neil Armstrong was the last of the three remaining partners of Dr. Heimlich to die...(It) is interesting to me that Dr. Heimlich chooses to publish these memoirs after all of the partners who could contribute to this publication have pre-deceased him.
Here's the version of the HARP group photo -- oops, make that "HAR" -- from my father's book:

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[UPDATED] "Heimlich Heroes" program (hyped in last week's AP article) teaches Ohio students a choking rescue treatment NOT recommended by Heart Association and Red Cross -- I've asked the OH and Hamilton County Health Departments to review the program


Via 94-year-old Heimlich maneuver namesake pens memoir by Lisa Cornwell, Associated Press, February 17, 2014:
(Dr. Henry) Heimlich now lives in an assisted-living facility but responds to emails and letters about his work and makes guest appearances with the Heimlich Heroes program. The program designed to teach young people how to use the Heimlich maneuver allows him to still pursue his passion for saving lives.
Apparently my father's passion includes teaching students to perform a first aid treatment that's not recommended by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross

Take a look at this a brief clip from a training video posted on the Heimlich Heroes website:

Voiceover: If the person falls unconscious while you're performing the Heimlich maneuver, try to ease him to the floor and put him on his back. Kneel over his hips and put one of your hands on his abdomen and put your other hand on top of the first. Then, use your full body weight to press into the victim's abdomen with a quick upward thrust.  Once the object is dislodged, immediately get your hands and arms under his shoulder and roll him to his side. You should not be surprised if he throws up. Being on his side will keep him from choking again.
Last week representatives of the Heart Association and Red Cross wrote me that their organizations do not recommend Heimlich-ing unconscious choking victims.

[Click here and page up a few lines for the Heart Association's most recent guidelines for responding to unresponsive choking victims. Click here for a pdf of a 2011 Red Cross Ready Reference pamphlet; guidelines for unconscious choking victims are on page 5.]

According to the Heimlich Heroes website, "over five hundred" students at these schools have participated in the program since last year:

It's unclear why the program is teaching a treatment that's not recommended by the AHA and ARC, but presumably everyone can agree that the students are entitled to the best available training.

So today I sent this letter to Lance D. Himes, Acting Director of the Ohio Department of Health, asking for a review of Heimlich Heroes and for the names of the medical professionals and organizations that reviewed and approved the program. (Click here to download a copy.)

[UPDATE: The next day I sent a similar letter to Tim Ingram, Hamilton County's Health Commissioner. Click here for a copy on Scribd. Click here to download a copy.]

Saturday, February 22, 2014

"The Heimlich Operation," a lie that won't die, Part III: I scored a third published correction to a review of my father's book to credit Romanian surgeon Dan Gavriliu for inventing the RGT operation

Part I, January 21, 2014: Publishers Weekly and Kirkus get it wrong, then update their reviews of my father's memoir to credit Dr. Dan Gavriliu

Part II, February 6, 2014: Bucharest journalist Miruna Munteanu calls out Prometheus Books for my father "trying to steal credit" for an innovative operation invented by respected Romanian surgeon
In my father's recently-published memoir, Heimlich's Maneuvers, he rightly credits the late Romanian surgeon Dan Gavriliu with inventing an esophagus replacement operation known as the Reversed Gastric Tube.

Since my father got tarred and feathered on the front page of the March 16, 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer for his decades of falsely claiming to have invented the procedure --  for an example, see the video clip at the end of this item -- presumably he realized he'd be playing with fire if he tried to get away with that in his book.

Via the 2003 Enquirer expose:

But check out the weasel version my father dishes up in his book.

He admits that he didn't invent the procedure, but still claims name credit and has the chutzpah to put his own name ahead of Dr. Gavriliu's!

Anyway, for some reason pre-publication reviews of the book credited my father with inventing the procedure.

Per part I of this series, last month I got published corrections from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Reviews that resulted in updated reviews giving inventor's credit to Dr. Gavriliu.

A few days ago I scored a Romanian hat trick.


Here's the review published last month by the American Library Association's Booklist:

From the updated review arranged by Booklist Senior Editor Donna Seaman:

Here's a 1999 video clip in which my father tells a studio audience -- which includes my mother (the late Jane Heimlich, his sister Cele Rosenthal, and my sisters, Janet and Elisabeth Heimlich -- that he invented the RGT operation.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Years after my father got busted in the New Haven Register, his new book fails to mention that he clandestinely funded a 1982 Yale study to "persuade the American Heart Association" to change U.S. choking rescue guidelines

Associated Press photo (source)

Per my previous item, for years my father's been telling a bizarre, self-aggrandizing lie that the American Friends Service Committee shipped "tens of thousands" of Heimlich chest valves to the North Vietnamese army and civilian population during the war.

Who was the editor responsible for letting that whopper into my father's recent memoir, Heimlich's Maneuvers, published last week by Prometheus Books?

I don't know, but here's another editorial oops in the book.

Abram Katz (source)

Years ago I uncovered this Yale-based scam and gave it to medical writer Abram Katz who reported it in the October 23, 2006 New Haven Register:
(The) only known study comparing the Heimlich maneuver and back blows was performed by three Yale scientists: Richard L. Day, Edmund S. Crelin and Arthur B. DuBois.

The paper, published in 1982 in the journal Pediatrics, concluded that the Heimlich is superior. Back blows are not merely ineffective, they can force blockages down the throat and toward the larynx - exactly the wrong direction, the researchers concluded.

"Choking: The Heimlich Abdominal Thrust vs Back Blows: An Approach to Measurement of Inertial and Aerodynamic Forces," by Day, Crelin and DuBois, could well have been the final word.

Except that in acknowledgements at the end of the paper, the authors credit support from the "Dysphagia Foundation Inc. of Cincinnati Inc."

And records from the Ohio Secretary of State's office show that the Dysphagia Foundation was renamed "The Heimlich Institute" Aug. 30, 1982.

In other words, the Yale experts studying the Heimlich maneuver were apparently assisted by Dr. Henry J. Heimlich, developer and tireless promoter of the Heimlich maneuver. He referred to back blows as "death blows."

The connection between Heimlich and the Yale scientists appears to pose at least the appearance of a conflict of interest.
Richard L. Day MD (source)

Via a remembrance article about Dr. Day by Edwin Kiester Jr. published in the August 2005 University of Pittsburgh medical school magazine (emphasis added):
(Before his death in 1989, Dr. Day) questioned the accepted advice for sharp back blows to dislodge food particles jammed in the airway. So he designed a series of models to simulate the throat and used them to test the effectiveness of back blows against Henry Heimlich’s recommended method of squeezing the midsection. With a colleague at Yale, Arthur DuBois, he documented the inertial and aerodynamic forces at work in each method. They showed the Heimlich maneuver was more effective, and that back blows had the potential to move obstructions deeper into the throat. Their findings persuaded the American Heart Association to stop recommending back blows for dealing with choking. (The research was partially funded by Heimlich’s own foundation.)
From Choking: The Heimlich Abdominal Thrust vs Back Blows: An Approach to Measurement ofInertial and Aerodynamic Forces by Richard L. Day, MD, Edmund S. Crelin, PhD, DSc, and
Arthur B. DuBois, MD From the Departments of Pediatrics and Anatomy (Surgery), Yale University School at Medicine, and John B. Pierce Foundation, New Haven, Connecticut published in Pediatrics, July 1982:

From the website of the Ohio Secretary of State:

Note that the name change is dated a month after the publication of the Pediatrics article.

Via Heimlich's Maneuvers, here's what my father wrote (and Prometheus published), leaving out the fact that he paid for the study:

Finally, via the Yale Archives:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Prometheus Books publishes my father's long-debunked lie that the American Friends Service Committee provided "tens of thousands" of Heimlich chest valves to the North Vietnamese during the war

[UPDATE] See my March 31, 2014 item, My letter today requesting Prometheus Books to retract my father's "gross distortion of Vietnamese and U.S. history"

Via New autobiography tells story of the man behind the Heimlich maneuver by Chris Boyette, CNN, February 12, 2014:
(Yesterday, Dr. Henry) Heimlich, 94, released his autobiography, "Heimlich's Maneuvers'' (published by Prometheus Books).

...Heimlich's son, Peter Heimlich, writes a blog, on which he has spent years trying to draw attention to his father's "wide-ranging, unseen history of fraud."
Not always unseen.

Paul Kurtz PhD (source)

Sometimes my father's scams are so obvious it's difficult to believe anyone would fall for them, certainly not a publisher like Prometheus Books, founded by the late Paul Kurtz, a prominent debunker of junk science

Nevertheless, from Chapter 17 of Heimlich's Maneuvers, here's a mawkish, absurd story my father has told for years and which has been published in a handful of other publications:
I remember another incident in which I was overcome with emotion. It occurred in February 1993, when I was invited to accompany a team of twenty cardiac and thoracic surgeons to Vietnam, a trip arranged by the citizen ambassadors of People to People International...In Hanoi, our plane was met by a contingent of North Vietnamese cardiac and thoracic surgeons. The head of the Vietnamese delegation introduced each member of our team until he came to me.
“Dr. Heimlich, you need no introduction,” I remember him saying. “Everyone in Vietnam knows your name.” I assumed he was talking about the Heimlich Maneuver, but, in fact, he was referring to the chest drain valve. “Your valve has saved tens of thousands of our people during the war, both civilian and military,” he said. I never knew the North Vietnamese had used the valve during the war. It had been supplied to them by the Quaker organization American Friends Service Committee. The next morning, at a meeting of American and Vietnamese doctors, the chairman opened his session saying, “Dr. Heimlich will live forever in the hearts of the Vietnamese people.” Hearing his words, I cried openly.
Reading my father's words, I sighed openly.

Apparently the editors at Prometheus are unfamiliar with the Trading with the Enemy Act and/or didn't stop to consider the consequences of a U.S. organization allegedly providing medical supplies to an enemy army and population during wartime.

My wife Karen, me, and investigative reporter Thomas Francis

Apparently they also don't read Radar Magazine.

From Thomas Francis's two-part Radar expose about my father, published in November 2005:
Next, Peter and Karen took aim at a lesser-known invention, the "Heimlich chest drain valve," which was used on the battlefield in Vietnam to save soldiers from dying of a collapsed lung caused by a chest wound. According to Heimlich's press statements the invention saved tens of thousands of lives, including among the North Vietnamese, after the American Friends Service Committee shipped valves to both sides in the war. Henry often tells the story of a trip to Vietnam during which he received a hero's welcome because of his valve.

But the Quakers have no record of distributing the valve. Peter contacted the American Friends Service Committee, the Quaker group that provides aid in foreign conflicts. "They checked deep in the archives and contacted several staffers from the '60s," says Peter. "No one had even heard of the Heimlich valve." AFSC spokeswoman Janis Shields says that if the valves had been shipped to North Vietnam, there would have been documents. The AFSC's shipments to North Vietnam consisted primarily of penicillin.
Eight years after being busted for a preposterous lie that distorts Vietnamese and U.S. history, and which implies that the AFSC and Heimlich valve manufacturer Becton, Dickinson and Company committed treason, it's unclear why my father continues to tell the story.

It's also unclear why Prometheus Books was willing to publish it.

I'll try to get answers to those questions and will report the results in a follow-up. 

screenshot from Heimlich's Maneuvers

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Doctor Is Out, Part II: Former wife of "Patrick Maneuver" doc calls out my father for disappearing her ex from "Heimlich's Maneuvers," published today by Prometheus Books [WCPO-Digital picked up the story]

UPDATE: Later the same day I broke the story, it was picked up by WCPO-Digital: Dr. Henry Heimlich: Letter accuses famed doctor of being 'dishonest' in his new memoir by staff reporter Lucy May (behind a subscription paywall)

My parents, Jane and Henry Heimlich, at the wedding reception of the late Edward A. Patrick MD PhD and Joy Lake Patrick (with Joy's son Rick), July 23, 2000 (photo courtesy of Joy Lake Patrick)

The Doctor Is Out, Part I, February 3, 2014: Prometheus Books is poised to (literally) disappear my father's closest career colleague -- the claimed co-developer of the Heimlich maneuver -- from his forthcoming autobiography

Joy Lake Patrick (via Facebook)
Here's Part II, this letter sent today to my father by Joy Lake Patrick, ex-wife of the late Edward A. Patrick MD, PhD. (Click here to download a copy.)

Thursday, February 6, 2014

"The Heimlich Operation," a lie that won't die, Part II: Bucharest journalist Miruna Munteanu calls out Prometheus Books for my father "trying to steal credit" for an innovative operation invented by respected Romanian surgeon

As Sidebar readers know, my father was badly busted by investigative reporter Robert Anglen in this March 16, 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer front-pager:

A decade after that  drubbing, my father's still trying to falsely claim credit for inventing the Reversed Gastric Tube operation (RGT) to replace a damaged esopahagus.

Click here for an e-mail I received from Lisa Michalski, Senior Publicist at Prometheus Books, that includes my father's version of events about the invention of the RGT that's slated to be published next week in his autobiography, Heimlich's Maneuvers.

I'm not going to go into the weeds, but here's the tallest one in Dr. Maneuver's garden:
Dr. Dan Gavriliu died in 2012 at the age of 97. Without question, he deserves credit for being the first surgeon to discover and perform the procedure that would become known as the Heimlich-Gavriliu Reversed Gastric Tube operation. 
One hand giveth while the other hand taketh credit -- and putteth his own name first.

Then there's this:
Still, I am proud of the fact that I was the first surgeon in the Western world to perform the reversed gastric tube operation.
According to the website of  Greg Burke, who was quoted in the Enquirer expose, that may also be fertilizer:
The first doctor to use the gastric tube in North America was Dr. James Fallis from Canada.


Miruna Munteanu is a prominent print and broadcast journalist in Bucharest who reported these two articles in Romanian news outlets about my father's attempt to steal credit from Dr. Gavriliu. (The links lead to English versions via Google Translate.)

The Genius of a Romanian Surgeon is Recognized, ZIUA, April 1, 2006, which includes an interview with me.

A Miserable Pension for a Legendary Surgeon, November 7, 2008,
Acclaimed professor Dan Gavriliu the first surgeon in the world who succeeded in 1951, complete replacement of an organ inventing reverse gastric tube procedure, lives today at age 93 with a pension of 749 lei per month.
...Professor Dan Gavriliu receives the monthly equivalent of about 250 (US) dollars. And a not unimportant detail, Dr. Henry Heimlich is a multimillionaire.
Last week Ms. Munteanu sent this e-mail:
Dear Mrs. Michalski,

I've just learned that Prometheus Books is about to publish an autobiography of Dr. Henry Heimlich, who is famous in my native Romania not for his choking maneuver, but for trying to steal credit for the RGT surgical procedure from Dr. Dan Gavriliu. I'm afraid not only the paternity of this procedure has been established beyond any possible doubt, but also the fact that - for decades - Dr. Heimlich disingenuously posed as its inventor (for American audiences, at least).

As a journalist, I've documented the whole affair back in 2006. You can surely understand my interest for the way Dr. Heimlich's autobiography is dealing with this shameful episode. Dr. Gavriliu might be now dead, but his legacy is not at all forgotten.
In Europe (and anywhere else except for the US) there never was a Heimlich-Gavriliu procedure. Dr. Heimlich was just one of (approximately) 60 foreign surgeons allowed in the 50's to assist Dr. Gavriliu while performing his innovative RGT procedure. He might have been the first American to perform it after seeing it done in Bucharest, but this gives him no right to name it.

To continue to fraudulently attach Heimlich's name to Gavriliu's is highly offensive. I hope the book you are about to publish will not perpetuate this injustice. I'm looking forward to reading it.

Best regards,

Miruna Munteanu
 As of last night, she hasn't received a reply.

Dr. Dan Gavriliu (right) being inducted into the Royal College of Surgeons by Sir Rodney Smith (center), Leeds, 1976 (photo courtesy of Dr. Gavriliu)

Click here for Part I: Publishers Weekly and Kirkus get it wrong, then update their reviews of my father's memoir to credit Dr. Dan Gavriliu.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Doctor Is Out, Part I: Prometheus Books is poised to (literally) disappear my father's closest career colleague -- the claimed co-developer of the Heimlich maneuver -- from his forthcoming autobiography


Via Trotsky Vanishes from The Museum of Hoaxes website:
Leon Trotsky was a leader of the Russian October Revolution, second in command to Lenin. During the 1920s he opposed the policies of Stalin. As a consequence, he was deported and eventually assassinated.
When historian David King visited Moscow in 1970, he discovered that the Soviets had made a systematic attempt to purge all mention of Trotsky -- as well as any other person who had fallen out of political favor -- from historical records. This included removing Trotsky's image from photographs.
Comrades! The spirit of Uncle Joe lives on in the dacha of Amherst, NY.

That's the home of Prometheus Books, which on February 11 is scheduled to publish my father's autobiography.

Ray Hyman, Paul Kurtz, James Randi, and Ken Frazier, July 2010, Las Vegas, after their session on the history of the modern skeptical movement (source).

Prometheus was founded by Paul Kurtz, who, according to his lengthy October 23, 2012 New York Times obituary, was "a philosopher whose advocacy of reason ahead of faith helped define contemporary secular humanism...Professor Kurtz founded the Center for Inquiry, which promotes evidence-based reasoning and opposes organized religion, and the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (known as Csicop), which is dedicated to debunking pseudosciences."

Just a little more than a year after his death, the company founded by this prominent advocate of reason and intellect is publishing the memoirs of Henry J. Heimlich, arguably one of the late 20th century's Masters of Woo.

A celebrity doctor who built the first part of his career by falsely claiming to have invented a surgical procedure, my father was fired from his last hospital gig in 1977 and never again had a practice. For decades, his Heimlich Institute funded and supervised violative "research" in which US and foreign nationals were infected with malaria, resulting in investigations by the CDC, the FDA, the Dept. of Justice, and UCLA. And in order to promote his baseless claims that "the Heimlich" was effective to revive near-drowning victims, he reportedly published faked case reports. The result? Dozens of poor outcome cases, including kids.

Not far out enough for you, comrades?

From the Heimlich Institute's Caring World newsletter, let's take a ride on Sputnik:

If  Dr. Kurtz knew his imprint would be on my father's book, you know what I think he'd do?

Send someone to Siberia.

Which is exactly what my father's book has done with Edward A. Patrick MD PhD, his closest career colleague.

As I first reported in October, here's what Lisa Michalski, Senior Publicist at Prometheus, wrote me when I asked how Dr. Patrick was portrayed in the book:
There is no mention of Edward A. Patrick.
From Dr. Patrick's singular full page obituary the March 13, 2010 British Medical Journal:
Much of Edward A Patrick’s life is shrouded in mystery, his actual accomplishments clouded by his tendency to bend and invent the facts of his life. Patrick claimed that he was the co-developer of the Heimlich manoeuvre, which he referred to as the “Patrick-Heimlich manoeuvre.” For nearly 30 years, his career was intimately tied to the equally puzzling career of Henry Heimlich, once dubbed the “most famous physician in the world” for the life saving manoeuvre named after him. The two men worked tirelessly together, promoting the manoeuvre and later working on a cure for AIDS—a “cure” that was denounced by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

Via Heimlich Maneuver Endorsed by Cristine Russell, Washington Post, October 2, 1985:
Yesterday, as the U.S. surgeon general, Koop endorsed the life-saving Heimlich Maneuver "as the only method that should be used for the treatment of choking from foreign body airway obstruction" and prodded the American Red Cross and American Heart Association to move more quickly in adopting it exclusively.

...Koop said in an interview that he felt the need to act more quickly after receiving letters from (Dr. Henry) Heimlich and University of Cincinnati professor Edward A. Patrick, as well as his knowledge of the value of the procedure. "I felt that I couldn't stand around and wait."

Patrick, who has performed research showing that the back slap can drive a foreign object downward, complained to Koop that the "lives of many Americans are endangered as the result of Red Cross first aid instruction" and said "it is urgent that you inform the public through the media of the back slap danger."

Here are two of the articles Dr. Patrick co-authored with Dr. Zhivago:

From Using the Heimlich Maneuver to Save Near Drowning Victims by Henry J. Heimlich MD and Edward A. Patrick, MD PhD, Postgraduate Medicine, August, 1988.

Via the Heimlich Institute's site:

Per a 1994 30-page report, Dr. Patrick partnered with my father to present their arguments for the Heimlich for drowning to a committee convened by the Institute of Medicine.

From a 1986 Saturday Evening Post article about my father and Dr. Patrick overseeing the installation of a Heimlich Micro-Trach oxygen delivery system

Via Thomas Francis's November 2005 Radar Magazine article:
"I would like to get proper credit for what I've done," Patrick told me. "But I'm not hyper about it."

Patrick's ex-wife Joy tells a different story: "Whenever my kids would say 'Heimlich maneuver,' he would correct them and say, 'Patrick maneuver.'"
Now pour yourself some tea from the samovar and get ready for some major собачья чушь.

Via a September 11, 2012 blog item by Laura Laugle, who archived the Henry J. Heimlich Collection at the University of Cincinnati (which my wife Karen and I have visited):
During his tenure with the University, (astronaut Neil) Armstrong took on a project with a number of local medical professionals including Dr. (Henry) Heimlich, Dr. (George) Rieveschl and Dr. (Edward) Patrick. The HARP Group as they were called set out to design an artificial oxygenator for the treatment of chronic lung diseases. Pumps used in heart-lung machines at the time caused severe hemolysis or rupturing of red blood cells and were often unsafe to use for more than a few hours. The result of the HARP Group’s efforts was the Apollo Double Diaphragm Pump for artificial heart-lung systems, a modified version of a pump used by NASA to circulate temperature regulating fluid in space suits.
My father told me he came up with the name HARP, an acronym made of the first initials of the last names of the four scientists.


Here's the photo that accompanied Laura's item:

Neil Armstrong, George Rieveschl PhD, Henry J. Heimlich MD, Edward A. Patrick MD PhD

About a week ago I asked Lisa at Prometheus if the photo was going to be in my father's book.

Here's what she sent me:

By cropping Dr. Patrick out of the photo, it would appear that, in his revisionist history, Commissar Heimlich has re-named the group HAR.

I wanted to find out who censored it, so I called Kevin Grace, whose name is in the cutline. A senior librarian and archivist at the University of Cincinnati, he told me he wouldn't have provided a cropped version of the photo.

Next I sent these questions to Lisa @ Prometheus:
1) Is Prometheus responsible for cropping Dr. Patrick out of the photo? If not, who was?

2) Before today, was Prometheus aware that the photo in my father's book had cropped out Dr. Patrick? If so, approximately when did Prometheus become aware of the fact?
3) In the cut line of the cropped photo that's going to be in the book, is there a reason why Dr. Rieveschl isn't identified?
Here's what came back:
Dear Peter,

I realize you have a personal interest in this book, an ongoing investigation into the details of your father’s career, and maintain a blog relevant to both, but unfortunately, our staff does not have the time or resources to respond to your detailed queries about the content of Heimlich’s Maneuvers or the steps taken to produce it. For example, tracking down the chronology by which any one interior photo was cropped and captioned is not a quick question but requires several different departments to confer, research, and take time away from their deadline-oriented agenda. The book is finished, printed, and will be in the marketplace in a few weeks. If you have further questions about the book and its contents, you should take them to Henry Heimlich or Janet Heimlich.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jill Maxick
Vice President of Marketing; Director of Publicity
Prometheus Books / Pyr /Seventh Street Books / Humanity Books
Let it never be said that I would ever knowingly interfere with anyone's deadline-oriented agenda, but why refer me to my sister Janet, whose book, Breaking Their Will, was published by Prometheus a couple years ago?

From the acknowledgement page of my father's memoir:

Based on Ms. Maxick's suggestion, I'll follow-up and try to find out who was responsible for cropping Dr. Patrick out of the photo.

Before I say das vedanya, the Politburo has instructed me to inform readers that Prometheus Books is now run by Paul Kurtz's son, Jonathan, pictured here with his father in a November 2003 photo:

Prometheus Books executives: Steven Mitchell, the late Dr. Paul Kurtz, Lynette Nisbet, Jonathan Kurtz
Based on the publication of my father's book, the company's editorial policies are apparently no longer bound by Dr. Kurtz's reactionary philosophy of "reason," "intellect," "skeptical inquiry," and "debunking pseudoscience."

In that spirit, comrades, let us put the past behind us as we move forward to a brighter and more deadline-oriented future!

This item has been slightly revised.