Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Woof! London tabloid reports another "dog saves master from choking" story -- in the UK that makes six in four years [UPDATED]

As Sidebar readers know -- here, here, and here -- I've been tracking a first aid phenomenon which over the past couple of years has swept the UK tabloids.

Intrepid dogs have been saving their masters from choking.

Since January 2014 I've counted four five reported cases by four different four-legged friends from Blighty to Wales. (Read on for details.)

Heel! Sit! Stop the presses!

Get West London -- which it says here is a Trinity Mirror website -- just unleashed another rover rescue:  

As a news hound, I was curious to learn how the Lily-Rose rescue story got into print, so I e-mailed reporter Robert Cumber who replied:
I take it from your website you are very dubious about these claims.

It was the owner of the dog who contacted us after being shortlisted for an award in the magazine mentioned in the story.

I'd be happy to speak to you for a follow-up piece if you're interested.
I appreciated the invitation, but I'd have to be barking mad to stick my snout into such a sweet if improbable human interest story.

Anyway, it's the bigger questions that have got me ticked-off and scratching my head.

Are UK dog food manufacturers adding steroids to kibble? Should a government commission be formed to investigate? Will Lily-Rose win the award?

Okay, so your pup may know how to save you from choking, but do you know how to reciprocate?

Take a look:

UPDATE, February 1, 2016: A string of other fine UK tabloids fetched the far-fetched story!

In reverse chronology, don't miss these equally astounding tails (sorry). Click the dates above each screenshot to read the articles.

2/3/16 UPDATE: I just spotted this one published by The Express: 
Finally, here's the Calvert, Maryland pooch who, to my knowledge, was the first to make reporters roll over: