Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dr. Pippin leads charge to protect Washington ferrets, but continues to turn a blind eye to notorious Heimlich atrocity experiments on AIDS, cancer, Lyme patients

Last month I reported how Dr. John J. Pippin helped protect ferrets at a Cincinnati Hospital, but ignores atrocity experiments on US and foreign nationals conducted by the nearby Heimlich Institute.

This week he and his deep-pockets animal rights organization redoubled their efforts in the Great Northwest:
Invasive ferret use in the University of Washington’s pediatrics residency program violates state law, says the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) in a legal complaint filed July 14. PCRM’s complaint calls on the King County prosecuting attorney to halt the school’s live animal use because it violates Washington’s animal cruelty law.
...“The University of Washington’s use of ferrets is inhumane and violates Washington’s anticruelty statute,” says John Pippin, M.D., F.A.C.C., PCRM director of academic affairs.
Dr. Pippin was lead signer of PCRM's pro-ferrett letter this week to the King County prosecutor.

But per the April 8, 2010 LA Weekly, when it comes to protecting human subjects, he and his organization can't be found:
In both its mission statement and its IRS filings, the Washington, D.C.–based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) says it is "strongly opposed to unethical human research."
But the group is throwing a private Hollywood Art of Compassion bash Sunday night to hand out a major award named after Dr. Henry Heimlich, who has been condemned by mainstream medical organizations around the world for his 20-year program of trying to cure cancer and AIDS by injecting people with malaria-infected blood.
...No one involved with the Heimlich Award will explain the contradiction between the PCRM's mission statement and the strange history of the man famous for inventing the Heimlich maneuver.
...Peter Heimlich says his father's malariotherapy research has been denounced as dangerous and irresponsible by the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. In 2002 the WHO called malariotherapy "an example of clearly unscrupulous and opportune research." Five years later, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, said: "It is scientifically unsound, and I think it would be ethically questionable...and it does have the fundamental potential of killing you."
..."I don't want to discuss the award, or my research," the 90-year-old Heimlich says today...Please contact Dr. Barnard."
Neal Barnard founded PCRM in 1985, and still serves as president of the nonprofit organization, which has a $7.5 million annual budget and 35 paid staff. Barnard frequently appears on TV and radio as an advocate for animal rights in medical research.
Barnard declined repeated requests for comment.
Heimlich has not denied reports in the Cincinnati Beacon, an Internet magazine, that he is trying to resume the so-called malariotherapy experiments....
A few years ago, when Dr. Pippin was presented with detailed information about the Heimlich atrocity experiments, he feigned ignorance and passed the buck to his boss, Dr. Barnard, who, per the LA Weekly, plays ostrich when it comes to the subject:

More about Dr. Pippin's career trajectory from a 2009 article:
A press release issued by Pippin's current employer, the organization Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, describes Pippin as a "board-certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and nuclear cardiology. He has been on several medical school faculties, including Harvard Medical School and the Medical College of Virginia, where he was chosen Cardiology Professor of the Year three times. He has held many clinical, research, and administrative leadership positions, and was the director of cardiovascular medicine and medical imaging at Cooper Clinic in Dallas."

In 2004 he left his position at the Clinic so he could pursue animal activism full time.

"The clinic wanted to put restrictions on things I could do on my own time to work against the use of animals, such as participating in demonstrations," he said.
From the Plano Texas Animal Rights Examiner:
TAP (Texans Exposing Petland) has shown up to protest Petland every Saturday since October, 2008. Dr. Pippin, MD, FACC (also founder of North Texas Animal Rights, or NTAR) was at the Saturday, April 10, 2010 protest to meet and encourage old and new members.
John J. Pippin MD holding "Stop puppy mills sign" at Plano, TX Petland store protest 4/10/10

John J. Pippin MD at San Francisco Petland store protest 10/10/09 (source)