Friday, October 28, 2011

Caught fibbing, top anti-gay campaign consultant scrubs NewMex animal rights "client" from their site; meanwhile DC & PA pro-animal clients seem to be playing ostrich

The item was about Campaign Solutions, a company that puts together big money political campaigns for anti-gay rights candidates like Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum, and anti-gay rights ballot measures including California's Yes on Prop. 8.

As I reported, although they're apparently not keen on civil rights for gay people, Campaign Solutions claimed to represent three organizations that promote the rights of animals.

Oops. Make that two organizations.

The day after my item ran, in search of reaction comments, I e-mailed the three groups: Animal Protection of New Mexico, the American Anti-Vivisection Society of Jenkintown, PA, and the DC-area Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

So far I've only gotten one reply, but it was same-day pronto:

According to an e-mail I received later that day from Ms. Jennings, "I will be contacting (Campaign Solutions) and asking them to correct their site."

Looks like they did.

Campaign Solutions boy wonder Anthony Bellotti proudly puts together some of the company's highest profile campaigns to limit civil rights for gay Americans. Here's his web page before my item ran:

The day after I received Elisabeth Jennings's e-mail, her organization disappeared from boy wonder's web page:

I asked Rebecca "Becki" Donatelli, president of Campaign Solutions (and arguably one of the most influential voices in Republican politics), if she or boy wonder wanted to comment.

Rebecca Donatelli

Her reply:

What about her company's other animal rights clients, the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)?

Radio silence so far.

I did, however, receive an October 24 e-mail from Pattrice Jones, a writer who advocates for animal rights and for civil rights for gay people. She was one of five like-minded activists I copied on my inquiries to AAVS and PCRM.

Pattrice Jones (source)

She wrote:
First, let me vouch for both AAVS (with which I have worked concerning genetic engineering of animals) and PCRM (with which I have worked concerning the globalization of unhealthy Western diets), as organizations staffed and managed by persons who are committed to social justice. I assume that they have been disgusted to learn that they have been doing business with a company that also fosters homophobia.
My guess is that both of these organizations would be willing to make a statement condemning homophobia and/or eventually divest themselves from association with that company. However, I also understand that they may need some lead time to make such a move.
Perhaps they should consider hiring Ms. Jennings of Animal Protection of New Mexico? Now there's someone who doesn't need much lead time to make a move.