Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Atlantic publishes yet another correction after I caught my father falsely claiming that the World Health Organization supported the Heimlich Institute's notorious experiments on Chinese AIDS patients

As a result of my fact-checking, The Atlantic has published yet another correction and update to an error-riddled March 11 article, The Grand Vision of Dr. Heimlich, After the Maneuver Limelight by reporter Lindsay Abrams.

My March 26 item, Gettin' jiggy with reporter Lindsay Abrams's Atlantic article about my father, chronicled my first round of prying out corrections from the magazine.

On April 30, I reported that the World Health Organization denied my father's recent published claim to The Atlantic that the WHO supported the Heimlich Institute's "malariotherapy" experiments on Chinese AIDS patients. (In fact, a 2002 WHO report called the trials -- in which patients were infected with malaria -- a medical atrocity.)

I then submitted this corrections request to Atlantic editor James Bennet.

I didn't receive a reply, but this morning I took another look at Ms. Abrams's article which now includes these updates:

Call me a stickler, but shouldn't that read, "According to an e-mail sent to Peter Heimlich by the WHO Director-General's office"?