Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saint Louis University's medical research veep defends partnership with doctor who conducted medical "atrocity" on Chinese prisoners with AIDS

Raymond Tait PhD (source)

According to a letter I received yesterday from from Raymond Tait PhD, Vice President of Research at Saint Louis University's medical school, the college has no problem partnering with a doctor who conducted notorious offshore human experiments in which AIDS patients were infected with malaria.

Among the patients were prisoners overseen by hired security guards.

Lawrence Biondi S.J. (source)

Dr. Tait's letter was in response to my June 20 letter to college president Lawrence Biondi.

My letter informed Father Biondi that since 2011, SLU's Center for World Health and Medicine has partnered with Xiao Ping Chen (aka Chen Xiao Ping), the Guangzhou doctor who led the Heimlich Institute's notorious "malariotherapy" experiments in the 1990s.

The information I provided to Father Biondi included a 2003 Cincinnati Enquirer front page article that reported:
(The) experiments - which seek to destroy HIV, the AIDS-causing virus, by inducing high malarial fevers- have been criticized by the Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration and condemned by other health professionals and human rights advocates as a medical "atrocity.''
My letter also included the following information along with a pdf consisting of hundreds of pages of supporting documents. Click here to download those -- the parenthetical numbers correspond to the page numbers.

The Heimlich/Chen project was so radioactive that, as a result of an anonymous letter I sent ten years ago, UCLA investigated faculty members who were involved. That story was reported by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Reuters, ABC 20/20, and elsewhere.

I thought a prominent Jesuit university like SLU would be concerned about working with a doctor with Chen's background. (According to this, Washington University of St. Louis is also involved.)


In fact, according to Dr. Tait, the university is apparently proud to be partnering with Dr. Chen.

Although his letter -- click here to download a copy -- completely ignored the concerns I presented to Father Biondi, he did provide what I presume to be this intended reassurance.

Dr. Chen is using mice, not human beings, as research subjects.