Saturday, March 22, 2014

Cincinnati Enquirer deletes press agent's "Heimlich Heroes" article after I debunked it

Melinda Zemper, Oak Tree Communications LLC, West Chester, OH (source)

After I tagged press agent Melinda Zemper for publishing false claims in a March 5 article, the Cincinnati Enquirer has deleted it.

For background, see my item last week, Hype tripe: Cincinnati press agent claims "Heimlich Heroes" first aid training program "expanding nationwide" via partnerships with the YMCA and two other national nonprofits -- the program's manager says "NOT." 

Here's a screenshot from Zemper's article that was published by the Enquirer's Community News Share section:

If you click the link to her article now, here's what you'll see:

I asked Enquirer Media Communities Editor Nancy Daly what happened.


A couple days ago she e-mailed me:
Once we learned there was some controversy we deleted it. Share is not a place for that.
Besides Zemper's false claim that three national nonprofits -- the YMCA, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and the American Heritage Girls -- were partnering with the "Heimlich Heroes" program being taught in local schools, via my February 26 item, here's the other concern I brought to the Enquirer's attention: