Friday, September 27, 2019

Anti-choking devices & Suffolk County, NY, Part I: Lemonade fundraiser campaign to install LifeVacs in local schools heats up!

Via Kids' lemonade stand raises money for life-saving device by Briella Tomassetti, FOX5 NYC, July 15, 2019:
Kathy Romano and her grandchildren are helping to save lives one ice-cold drink at a time. The good Samaritans are spending much of their hot summer days outside, running an old-fashioned lemonade stand. All the proceeds are going towards the purchase of a life-saving choking device called the LifeVac.
"The Life Vac can be done on anyone. It's safe and it's effective. It's saved 25 lives in 25 tries," inventor Arthur Lih says.
 ...So far, about 30 schools on Long Island have added the LifeVac to their safety kits.
...Romano and her grandkids have already raised nearly $1,000, which is enough to purchase roughly three LifeVac devices, with help from the JT's Law Foundation.
"This has to be in every single home, school, everywhere," Romano says.
Her goal is to raise enough money for 19 LifeVac devices: One for every building in her grandchildren's school district.
The report doesn't identify the school district her grandchildren
July 10, 2019 JT's Law Foundation Facebook post:

Via Wikipedia:

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