Monday, April 17, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Notorious anti-vax doctor Carrie Lynn Madej sued by Tennessee couple, father's estate for malpractice, outrageous conduct, negligence (UPDATE: Dr. Madej failed to plead/respond; Defendants file for default judgment)

UPDATE: According to the following May 9, 2023 court filing, after being served on March 27, Carrie Lynn Madej MD has "failed to plead or otherwise defend" against the lawsuit brought against her for allegedly administering "an intravenous injection of 500 mL of D5NS with 21 mL of 3% hydrogen peroxide" to three patients in Morgan County, TN, one of whom died a few weeks later.

As a result, the defendants have asked the court for a default judgment in their favor.

Per my original item (page down), Dr. Madej apparently considers herself a so-called "sovereign citizen." According to this 2011 statement:
The FBI considers sovereign-citizen extremists as comprising a domestic terrorist movement, which, scattered across the United States, has existed for decades, with well-known members, such as Terry Nichols, who helped plan the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, bombing. Sovereign citizens do not represent an anarchist group, nor are they a militia, although they sometimes use or buy illegal weapons. Rather, they operate as individuals without established leadership and only come together in loosely affiliated groups to train, help each other with paperwork, or socialize and talk about their ideology.   

Dr. Carrie Madej (right) immediately before she received service of process (page down or click here to download) for the lawsuit filed by the Bennuns. Madej was served on March 24 at the House of Restoration Worship Church in Milford, Ohio, where she was appearing at a so-called "Medical & Legal Truth" event hosted by the Salt and Light Brigade which according to, is "a far-right group​ that aims to wage 'spiritual warfare' on behalf of Pass the Salt Ministries, which the Southern Poverty Law Center ​has previously identified as an anti-LGBTQ+ hate group."

Dr. Carrie Lynn Madej ("mah-day"), who McGill University's Office for Science and Society called "a menace to society," has been sued for malpractice, outrageous conduct, negligence, and other allegations. 

The lawsuit involves three patients she allegedly treated on December 5, 2021 in Morgan County, Tennessee, about 60 miles west of Knoxville. 

One patient died less than three weeks later.

According to a November 12, 2021 NBC News report by Ben Collins:
(Dr. Madej) is an osteopathic internal medicine doctor who has propagated a variety of debunked theories about the Covid vaccines and posted to Twitter about a variety of other conspiracy theories, including QAnon. She describes herself as “practicing the truth in Jesus through medicine.”

...(On) a podcast called “Reawaken America” she falsely claimed there is a “liquified computing system” inside coronavirus vaccines. She has also claimed the vaccines are a “gateway to transhumanism.” Her theories have been broadly fact-checked as false, including earning a “Pants on Fire” rating from Politifact.

The complaint (page down or click here to download) was filed February 27 in Tennessee's Ninth Judicial District Circuit Court individually by Jana Sutoova Bennun and her husband Steven Bennun, and on behalf of the estate of Ms. Bennun's father, Stefan Suto. 

From the complaint:

2. On or about December 5th, 2021, Mr. Stefan Suto was located at his home in Morgan County, Tennessee. He was feeling ill and had a fever. Steven Bennun and Jana Sutoova Bennun were ill with no fever.

3. On or about December 5th, 2021, Carrie Madej insisted that she come to the house and administer treatment.

4. On or about December 5th, 2021, Carrie Madej entered the residence and directly administered treatment without any medical history, medical treatment, laboratory results, and failed to take a medical history on any patient.

5. On or about December 5th, 2021, Carrie Madej directly administered to Stefan Suto a solution of 21 mL of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 0.5 mL of distilled water that was placed in a nebulizer to create an inhalable mist.

6. On or about December 5th, 2021, Carrie Madej directly administered to Stefan Suto, Steve Bennun, and Jana Sutoova Bennun an intravenous injection of 500 mL of D5NS 
with 21 mL of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

7. Immediately after treatment, Mr. Stefan Suto started to react adversely and experienced a rapid decline in health.

8. Steven Bennun and Jana Sutoova Bennun informed Carrie Madej that Stefan Suto's health was rapidly declining and requested further medical treatment. Carrie Madej refused.

9. Stefan Suto passed away on December 23, 2021. Steven Bennun and Jana Sutoova Bennun continue to suffer from the side effects of the harmful injections they received on December 5, 2021.

10. Plaintiffs would aver that Carrie Madej does not have a Tennessee medical license and yet practices medicine in the State of Tennessee.

11. Plaintiffs would aver that the Defendant failed to provide them with basic, appropriate, and necessary medical care and supervision.

12. Plaintiffs would aver that through the Defendant's actions, she significantly deviated from the accepted standard of care for healthcare professionals practicing within their respective specialties within the Morgan County community as it relates to the care provided to them.

13. Plaintiffs would further aver that the Defendant is guilty of the specific torts of negligence; outrageous conduct; and negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

14. The Plaintiffs would further aver that the Defendant violated the medical malpractice laws of the State of Tennessee codified at T. C. A. 29-26-101, et seq., as evidence by the Affidavit of Sal A.D.'Allura, D.O., attached as Exhibit "A".

A search for medical licenses associated with Dr. Madej on the Tennessee Department of Health's website produced no results.

In an exclusive, I reported that on January 6 Dr. Madej had surrendered her Georgia medical license. 

According to a November 22, 2022 document attached to the complaint, the Bennuns' attorney, Dale R. Cantrell of Clinton, TN, sent a legal notifcation to Dr. Madej at ten different Georgia addresses with which she has been associated in Canton, Forest Park, McDonough, Symrna (two different addresses), Peachtree City, Atlanta (two different addresses), Jonesboro, and Locust Grove.

He received the following reponse (page down for the original letter or click here to download) which appears to be related to claims she made at timestamp 7:00 in a rambling podcast interview last month, Carrie Madej On Being A Sovereign Citizen:
Carrie Lynn of the house and lineage of Madej

Daughter of the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob American Freewoman
Grantor in Original Jurisdiction and Beneficiary of the resultant Trust
Near Post Office Box 1234 Senoia Georgia America Republic

Everything is Trust and there is nothing that is not Trust
No Trust can fail for want of a Trustee
The primary responsibility of the Trustee is to protect the Trust

January 10 2023

Cantrell Law Office
Post Office Box 299
Clinton Tennessee 37716

Dail R. Cantrell,

I Carrie Lynn Beneficiary am responding to your letter dated November eleventh twenty-twenty-two.

Please make note that this is your one time courtesy notice to inform you that any further correspondence regarding the matter of concern as mentioned in your letter, must be forwarded to Matthew Norman MD Chairperson of Georgia Composite Medical Board Indentured Trustee who has accepted and retained custody of the legal person, the Doctor, of whom your letter is addressing. You may contact the Doctor and the Chairperson of the Board Indentured Trustee at
Georgia Composite Medical Board
2 Peachtree Street Northwest 36th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3465
Any further communication, correspondence or actions taken against the Beneficiary will be an obvious mistaken identity.

Thank you

The Bennuns are seeking a jury trial, $10,000,000 as compensatory damages, and up to $5,000,000 as punitive damages.

It's not known if Dr. Madej has retained legal counsel.