Thursday, December 14, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: TN judge finds potential $10M+ judgement against notorious "snake oil salesman" Carrie Madej in negligence lawsuit brought by family of patient who died a "painful death" from "fatal dose of hydrogen peroxide"

From my April 17, 2023 exclusive, Notorious anti-vax doctor Carrie Lynn Madej sued by Tennessee couple, father's estate for malpractice, outrageous conduct, negligence:

Dr. Carrie Lynn Madej ("mah-day"), who McGill University's Office for Science and Society called "a menace to society," has been sued for malpractice, outrageous conduct, negligence, and other allegations. 

The lawsuit involves three patients she allegedly treated on December 5, 2021 in Morgan County, Tennessee, about 60 miles west of Knoxville. 

One patient died less than three weeks later.

...The complaint (click here to download) was filed February 27 in Tennessee's Ninth Judicial District Circuit Court individually by Jana Sutoova Bennun and her husband Steven Bennun, and on behalf of the estate of Ms. Bennun's father, Stefan Suto.  

Dail Cantrell (source)

According to plaintiff's attorney Dail Cantrell, yesterday in a Kingston, TN court Judge Mike Pemberton "ruled in our favor."

"The court determined that Ms Madej - she is not a doctor as her infomercials claim, she is a snake oil salesman - acted recklessly in injecting Mr. Suto with a fatal dose of hydrogen peroxide which resulted in Mr. Suto”s painful death.

"The Judge has requested some additional medical information in order to determine the amount of punative damages which I expect will exceed 10 million dollars.
"Ms. Madej is mobile fleeing from town to town but our plan is to use the punative damage award to seize the money she is hiding in trusts."

Mr. Cantrell informed me he'll have court orders in January. I'll post those ASAP.