Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rockford, Illinois newspaper reports the Melongo case via an interview with me

Until today, the criminal prosecution of Annabel Melongo, a dubious case which the Cook County State's Attorney has been dragging through the courts since October 2006, has been reported only by a handful of bloggers (including me). 

The prosecution has resulted in arguably the most egregious abuse of the notorious Illinois eavesdropping statute, Melongo's 18-month jail stay on a $300,000 bond for allegedly recording and uploading to her website two routine phone calls with a clerk of courts.

Today the Rock River Times reported the Melongo case in a strong article by editor Susan Johnson that includes an interview with yours truly.

A feisty print weekly in Rockford, Illinois, the paper's statement of principles includes fighting for "true and affordable justice in the courts."

No synopsis or highlights here, folks.

If you want to read the article, entitled A Whistleblower's Story, click here.

Johnson and her newspaper deserve the hits.